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The shoe brand Blackstone is a company from the Netherlands that has been handcrafting high-quality, robust and durable boots, sneakers and other women's and men's shoes for you since 1992. To cut to the chase: Today, Blackstone is a popular brand throughout the fashion industry that has become known as one of the best designer brands and continues to impress with consistent, high quality to this day. 

 Every single pair of shoes is made from high quality materials and crafted with the utmost care. This process guarantees the longevity of the shoes. According to Blackstone, the key to success is to offer a reliable overall package that convinces with the high-quality workmanship of the valuable materials and stands out from the rest of the market with style and fashion awareness. The attention to detail is definitely in the foreground at Blackstone, because these models score points above all with their combination of urban style and the practical elements that provide the shoes with incomparable wearing comfort thanks to the unique construction method.