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True shoe connoisseurs need only look at the orange sole to know that they have a Santoni shoe in front of them. Of course, the handmade shoes from Corridonia are characterized not only by the typical Santoni sole, but convince in many respects. First of all, there is the choice of cut. There is a suitable model for every requirement and every customer wish.Then there is the elaborate leather processing. Several times during the construction of the shoe, the leather is hammered on the last until it fits perfectly. Did we mention that the hand-dyed and tanned leather is specially treated and polished for several days? Up to 15 different layers of dye are needed until the perfect shade is achieved and a Santoni one-of-a-kind shoe exudes all its craftsmanship. This has been preserved by Santoni's master shoemakers since the company was founded.



Since 1975, the company's founder and owner, Andrea Santoni has been dedicated to translating craftsmanship and modernity into style. Only luxurious leather materials are used, which are cobbled into unique Santoni models. In addition to the Goodyear style, which gives the shoe a sporty character, Santoni also applies, among other materials, the San Crispino style, known for its classic style, which is popular for its high durability and density. As a leader in the premium segment, Santoni is known for excellent shoes of the highest quality. This is because the top priority at Santoni is the absolute satisfaction of each and every customer.Meanwhile, the prestigious company is managed by the second generation. The combination of extravagant design and incomparable comfort gives Santoni shoes exceptional beauty and high practicality.