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Loafers, also known as loafers or college shoes, are among the classics among casual shoes. They are a further development of the moccasins, which also belong to the slip-on shoes, but unlike them have a firm outsole and a low heel. The most famous and original version of the shoe shape is the penny loafer, which was developed in America around 1910. In the following decades, it became a fixed uniform component of the elite universities there and also received its name there, as the characteristic slit on the shaft bridge was used by students before exams as a storage for lucky pennies.



Loafers are now available in a wide range of variations for both men and women, but their flexible, bendable shape and the visible stitching on the inner sole of the front shoe always prove to be characteristic of the design. While loafers originally had a sewn-through shape, current models are mostly welted and lined, which allows for a more comfortable and robust fit. The mostly high-quality leather finish of the shoes also contributes to this. Penny loafers are also characterized by a bar on the front of the shoe, which has a horizontal recess.