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The shoe and fashion producer GEOX was founded in 1995 in the Italian city Montebelluna and since then has earned a worldwide reputation thanks to their revolutionized shoe collections for women, men and children. Next to shoes the product line also includes functional wear. Both stand out with a high wearing comfort, but also with selected materials and an impeccable manufacturing.

The waterproof rubber sole helped Geox to make a sensational breakthrough on the international shoe market. During that time rubber soles had not been very breathable, which is why the founder Mario Moretti Polegator decided to develop the first shoe with an improved microclimate. Until today, the classical GEOX shoe is known as the “shoe that breathes” - which is still the motto of the successful company. The patented GEOX system revolutionized the entire shoe market: A specially perforated membrane, which is incorporated into the shoe, absorbs sweat and securely transports it to the outside. Still the shoes are fully waterproof, which means that your feet will stay absolutely dry. This way a very high wearing comfort is guaranteed. GEOX not only knows how to convince in regard to functionality, but also with its design which plays a very important role, especially for Italian shoe designers: in the meantime there are shoes for every style and every occasion, whether you choose boots, sneakers, pumps, outdoor shoes or even flip flops. 

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