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The shoe brand Moma stands for its individuality and high quality. Moma originated in the Italian town of Morrovalle and was founded about fifteen years ago by Gigio and Daniele Gironacci. The Italian company is particularly characterized by the use of the best materials and good workmanship, as well as its artistic craftsmanship. At Moma, the most diverse designers and artists exchange their ideas and give free rein to their creativity. This results in very individual and modern shoe models that are unique in their design. The shoes are still made in traditional, elaborate handwork and are made of high quality genuine leather. The trendy vintage look is a big theme at the brand Moma. Shoes in the vintage look are very trendy. The women's shoe collection includes classic pumps, boots, as well as moccasins. The men's shoe collection includes elegant lace-up shoes, ankle boots as well as loafers.