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Loafers, also called slip-ons, were produced at the beginning of the 20th century in the USA and are the most popular shoes for men nowadays. You can easily combine them with your business outfit or with clothes you wear in you leisure time. Not only are loafers extremely comfortable, but they are also uncomplicated: Compared to other shoes they don't have to be laced. Loafers are therefore ideal for people, who want to slip into their shoes without much effort.

Loafers for men - practical, durable and stylish 

The classical loafer can also be seen as a development of the moccasins, as they also have a shaft which continues to the bottom of the shoe and can be closed with a vamp-insert on the front. Unlike moccasins, the loafer has a firm out-sole and a heel. 
Generally we distinguish between the penny and the tassel loafer. The latter distinguishes itself with a leather strap, which reaches around the shaft and ends over the instep in two tassels. The penny loafer on the other hand was the first loafer to go into production and still today has the typical instep strap across the shoe. High-quality models for men made of exclusive materials like velours or smooth leather are usually sewn and equipped with a heat as well as cold insulating cork filling. A clear advantage over moccasins are that loafers are very robust and durable, which makes them a reliable and comfortable companion in every situation. 

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