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You'll be floating on cloud nine with these innovative sneakers from On Running. These running shoes are just perfect for both the ambitious runner, but also for everyday life. With On Running sneakers for men and women you run like on clouds. The perfected technology of the sole causes a feather-light running feeling and a damping that adapts to your run. 

 The Cloud elements emit vertical and horizontal forces when you hit the ground, absorbing the impact. With the CloudTec® system, cushioning is only provided when you need it: Namely, when you step on it. Immediately, the Cloud elements provide the perfect base for powerful push-off. The sole of On Running shoes provides you with exactly the cushioning or uplift you need at that moment. All On soles from On Running are patented with CloudTec® technology. 

 If you enjoy exercise and are looking for a lightweight shoe with an innovative sole, On Running models are the perfect choice. The modern design speaks for itself and also visually supports the advanced technology of the running shoes. And for a healthy lifestyle, exercise in the fresh air is essential. So that you are perfectly supported, you should definitely rely on the On Running running shoes. No matter whether you are a passionate runner, walker or city stroller.