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Peter Kaiser

The company Peter Kaiser was founded 1838 in the German city Primasens, which is the home of Europe's oldest shoe factory. A milestone was already set in 1842, when Peter Kaiser exported their products within Europe and overseas for the very first time. Innovative ideas and a perfect craftsmanship are responsible for their worldwide popularity. Pumps by Peter Kaiser are considered to be the best in the world as they convince with their high-class quality – every material is checked and precisely tested before it goes into production. A unique wearing comfort is combined with noble and elegant design, which goes in line with the current trends. As Peter Kaiser sets high standards for quality and design, a perfect fit is a requirement which should not be undercut. Whether you are looking for something simple or rather striking, there is the perfect shoe for any taste in the large Peter Kaiser product line. Despite their worldwide success, the company has remained humble. Peter Kaiser impresses with a sensible price-performance ratio.

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