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Most of us can't imagine a life without warm and comfortable slippers. The time where people felt like hiding their chunky, furry slippers under the bed has finally passed and we can look forward to a seemingly endless variety of stylish and fashionable slippers. Various colors, fabrics and shapes make it easy to find the right model for your personal needs. The most important criteria, however, is that they are as comfortable as they can be. Also important is the stability: ideal are slippers with a skid-proof and firm sole so that we can use them for a short trip to the cellar or for a short walk outside the house.

The perfect slipper for every season

There is nothing more straightforward than a slipper, because you just have to slip into them and feel comfy. Which model you would like to choose depends, amongst other criteria, on the season: while fluffy, soft and furry slippers warm the wearer's feet during cold winter days, light slippers or flip flops are ideal for the summer season. Very popular are robust, rubber slippers, which can be used not only in the house, but also in the garden. 

Velours leather and more: Explore the new slipper trends

Like in all other shoe categories there are always new slipper trends: delicate models, which form is adjusted to the soft shape of women's feet are fashionable at the moment. Materials like goat or velours leather are just as popular as new wool and lambskin. Subtle applications, textile pipings and contrasting seams turn ordinary house shoes into a trendy companion for comfortable hours at home.

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