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Warm lining

Shoes with warm linings are just the right choice, when it is stormy snowy outside. You can only feel comfortable in the cold, when you have warm feet. Thanks to their cuddly and soft lining these shoes not only offer the perfect wearing comfort at subzero temperatures, but they also look stylish.

More than just lambskin: get through winter in warm lining shoes

Warm lining shoes are a typical winter topic for most people. Exceptionally often shoes made of pure new wool are used because they effectively enclose heat and provide a pleasant feeling. Widespread is the classical teddy fleece, which is not only adjustable, but also robust and durable More luxurious are shoes lined with delicate lambskin. Often they are imitations, which are very hard to differentiate from the real furs as they are as cuddly as the original. New high-tech- fabrics like Molton or microfibre are also quite commonly used for shoes because of their heat-regulating action. 

Functionality and design – Shoes with warm linings for every taste

Most shoes with warm linings do not only have a cuddly inside, but also have special, cold resistant soles. As they have a special, aluminum-covered underside, the shoe is effectively protected from cold. Such soles can also be inserted at a later time. Furthermore, current shoe models provide a practical combination of laces and velcro straps. This way not only the width of the shoe can be adjusted individually, but the shoe is also protected from snow and moisture. It doesn't matter if you choose elegant half-boots, modern ankle boots or classical long-shaft boots made of nubuck or velours leather - you definitely don't have to walk around with cold feet. 

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