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Timberland was founded 1973 in Boston and specialized on products for outdoor use. The renowned shoe manufacturer promotes “environmental protection” and “social life” in line with the motto “make it better.” Hence, with the sale of every product Timberland makes a contribution to environmental protection. The excellent manufacturing and selected materials make the shoes durable which gives adventurers and nature-lovers the chance to enjoy their shoes for a very long time. The sporty and trendy design as well as an optimal comfort makes these shoes ideal for everyday wear. Timberland gained popularity with their light brown leather boots, which were very popular in the hip-hop scene. The first product under the name Timberland was the waterproof “yellow boot” which still enjoys high popularity today. The famous rapper and producer Timbaland named himself after these beige, iconic boots. But not only the image and the design will convince all generations, the shoes are also waterproof and protect your feet effectively from cold. Shoe caring products and clothes round off the Timberland product line.

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