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Since James Dean has outed himself as a massive sneaker fan in the 1950s, these sporty shoes cannot be missed from our current shoe fashion. Today sneakers are an absolute essential in any man's shoe rack. The growing range of design, colors and styles, with which the manufacturers constantly try to outdo each other, seems to be endless. The advantage of sneakers is that you can combine them with jeans as well as an elegant business suit – you will always look stylish in them of course.

Classy sneakers for men – functional, yet sporty 

For the production of the sneakers leather is used, especially because of the positive characteristics of this natural material. It is flexible and therefore optimally adjusts itself to the shape of the foot. Furthermore, leather is very breathable which reduces the sweating and provides an ideal air circulation in the shoe all day long. Sneakers made of goatskin, calf or nappa leather are especially elegant. Equally popular are shoe models made of imitation or synthetic leather. Imitation leather is a special kind of leather replica which is a bit cheaper, but still equivalent to the original in look and functionality. Imitation leather is also flexible and very robust against moisture and dirt. Light textile sneakers, where fabrics like linen and cotton are used, are just the right shoes for warm days. They are extremely breathable, yet a bit more sensitive to dirt. It is positive to note that textile sneakers will dry much faster when wet. Of course all styles offer a great variety of colors nowadays: whether royal blue, pink or even red, there is something suitable for every taste. 

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