Golf shoes

Comfort and stability play a major role when it comes to golf shoes, as they are worn by golf players for many hours. Golf shoes are worn on the green as well as during a comfortable get-together in the clubhouse and therefore have to be adjusted perfectly to the individual needs of the wearer. Important are solid spikes, which, together with the profiled sole, provide the necessary footing. They also have to fit perfectly in order to provide maximum comfort for many kilometers.

Explore the great variety of golf shoes

While the assortment was confined to classical golf shoes by a limited number of manufacturers during the 1990s, you can look forward to a large number of different models today: More and more footwear producers have recognized the rising demand for comfortable, robust and stylish golf shoes. The result is an incredible variety on the market. This makes it easy to create an harmonious and thought-out look by matching perfect shoes to an perfect outfit. 

Functional and comfortable – the new golf shoes promise high comfort

The manufacturers of golf shoes traditionally use leather, as the natural material is breathable and therefore air permeable. One piece of advice: when you wear fitting golf socks you won’t sweat during warm weather. Conversely, it is also very important that golf shoes offer a lot of comfort during foul weather. Most models use a membrane, which is extra incorporated into the material. It is located between the outer material, like the leather, and the inner material, which is usually made of textile. This membrane prevents the ingress of moisture and at the same time transports the evaporated humidity to the outside. 

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