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Truman's shoes are different from others. Maybe it's because of the manufacturer's proximity to Venice that Truman's shoes always have something extravagant and exciting about them. But some models also convince with a classic simplicity and elegance. The small family business traditionally handcrafts each pair with love and care. 

 Initially, the company specialized in men's shoes. Fortunately, they have expanded their product range to include women's shoes. This way, women around the world can also enjoy the wonderful Italian footwear. The designer team comes up with exclusive and fashionable models every collection. They choose only high-quality materials and focus on perfect fits. This ensures an optimal wearing experience and a high level of comfort. 

 The selection in the assortment is diverse. From the classic ankle boot to the comfortable loafer, Trumans's has the right shoe for every occasion in its range. The appealing mix of classic shapes and sophisticated fashionable designs, make the shoe brand a permanent institution in the Italian shoe landscape. Truman's shoes are therefore the ideal companion in everyday life, to go fashionably and comfortably through the day. Translated with (free version)