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In the meantime, welted shoes look back on a very long history: archaeological findings have proven that the first shoes were welted as early as the 16th century. Gradually, the original variants developed further and further thanks to new manufacturing methods, but welted shoes were still traditionally made by hand until the middle of the 19th century. It was not until Charley Goodyear's legendary machines enabled new production possibilities in 1972 that the welted way of making shoes was revolutionized. Today, welted shoes are considered a symbol of timeless elegance, quality and comfort to a degree that is hardly guaranteed by any other type of shoe.



Although welted men's shoes, which are usually made of leather, are not necessarily inexpensive, they are incomparable in their quality and wearing comfort. They are characterized not only by durability and ease of repair, but also by breathability and maximum flexibility. As a general rule, the more leather a shoe contains, the higher its quality. Thus, welted shoes can be combined with appropriate outfits not only in everyday life, but equally on special occasions and even in professional life.