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The shoe brand Attilio Giusti Leombruni was founded in 1958 as a family business in the Italian comune Montegranaro. The founder Attilio Giusti Leombruni himself took over the company from his father Piero Giusti and made his own visions become reality. It all started in a small shoe workshop in the Italian mountains and has developed into an European success story – whose headquarters is still located in Montegranaro. Shoes by Attilio Giusti are manufactured with the finest materials and have stood for more than 50 years for timeless elegance and extraordinary quality. The shoemaker was a remarkable man, as he not only crafted the shoes, but also designed them himself. Still today typical shoes designs from the 50s and 60s can be found in the new collections – about 100 new shoes are launched onto the market each season, which remain faithful to the original style. Attilio Giusti Leombruni made it his lifetime task to turn his shoe creations into a combination of modern production technology and classical shoe craftsmanship. The result can be seen in his shoe models, which are stylish, soft, absolutely comfortable and an ideal companion even for most demanding customers.