Voile Blanche

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There is said to have been a time when some fashion editors looked askance at you if you appeared in sneakers in the office. This would certainly not happen if at that time there was already the Italian brand Voile Blanche. Indeed, the models are wrapped in such sporty sophistication that they are a real joy for the individual shoe choice. This comes as no surprise, as Voile Blanche's philosophy is to create shoes for design-conscious individuals who value high-quality materials, intricate details and fine craftsmanship. 

 The sleek and modern eye-catchers inspire with an original design. Thus, high-tech materials, perforations, microG fabric and futuristic inserts result in sneakers that do not swim with the masses. Thanks to anatomically shaped insole and an EVA midsole, Voile Blanche shoes allow you to spend hours on the road without any worries. Get comfortable trend shoes for the upscale casual look.