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Golf shoes

High-quality golf shoes are indispensable if you want to look good on the golf course, as it is important that the shoes meet the specific requirement on the green: They have to be weatherproof, breathable and support the foot sufficiently. Furthermore, a maximum ground contact and a safe balance is necessary for a successful game. To guarantee this a professional golf shoe is equipped with special flex grooves. These small grooves are at the front and back of the shoe and they guarantee a high flexibility during the game. Equally important are soft spikes for maximum footing on every surface.

Golf shoes for men – stylish, yet functional 

For quite some time golf shoes were just functional shoes. In the meantime many manufacturers have specialized themselves in this field and therefore offer a wide spectrum of different models for every taste. This way it is quite easy to find the perfect shoes to add the final touch to the whole outfit. Not only a high wearing comfort, but also a stylish appearance is guaranteed on the golf course. 
Traditionally golf shoes were made of exclusive leather like smooth or microfiber leather. As leather is a natural material it offer a high breathability and optimum air circulation in the shoe. A membrane, crafted into the material, keeps the moisture out and at the same time transports the it to the outside. Tip: an ideal comfort is guaranteed if you wear golf socks made of functional fiber. 

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