Shoe care

High-quality materials require careful care so that shoes retain their attractive appearance and remain durable.

We want you to enjoy your favorite shoes as long as possible. On the following pages, we have therefore compiled tips and tricks for you, where they learn how to clean your shoes according to the material, deal with dirt of various kinds or even impregnate. Various shoe care products are used as well as manual care with brushes and other accessories.

Furthermore, we not only introduce you to the special properties of the individual types of leather, but also explain the most important procedures in an uncomplicated and understandable way using practical video tutorials - so that you can also easily carry out the cleaning and care yourself at home.


The generic term suede leather includes all types of leather, which are characterized by a surface with more or less velvety or rough structure. These include, among others, suede, nubuck leather or suede.

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Smooth leather

Smooth leather is the term used to describe all types of leather with the grain side facing outward, regardless of the grain type of the animal.

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Synthetic leather

Artificial leather or synthetic leather are those types of leather that look like real leather, but are not made of natural material and therefore may not be called so.

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Lacquered leather

The patent leathers used today originally descended from patent leather, which was developed around 1820 in New Jersey. For the first time, leather shoes at that time received a new type of finish:

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