Thierry Rabotin

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For over 20 years, Thierry Rabotin has placed special emphasis on comfort and convenience. During the technically modern manufacturing process, based on genuine shoemaking craftsmanship, exclusive attention is paid to the anatomy of the foot during the shaping process. The upper leather is sewn with full-grain nappa lining on the upper edge of the shoe in the Saccetto style. This means that the lining is attached to the upper leather like a little bag. This makes the shoe lighter and the lack of stiffness makes it easier for the foot to roll naturally when walking. However, the rather flat shoes convince not only by their exceptional comfort, but also by impressive design. In addition to the comfortable fit, the quality of the materials is in the foreground. Cloth-soft nappa, velvety suede, fluffy lambskin and light metallic and patent leather are processed into high-quality shoes. The leather parts of the right and left shoe are always cut in pairs - so the material contains the same properties in both.