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Softclox was founded in the 2000s and the brand's mission is to produce fashionable, comfortable shoes with environmental awareness and sex appeal. Thanks to the integration of high quality rubber joints, the shoe becomes flexible and easy rolling becomes an easy. Softclox is an innovation in the world of footwear, because previously shoes with wooden soles were frowned upon as uncomfortable. That changed with the specially made models of Softclox! Comfort is written large here and also guaranteed with a special attention to high-quality materials. The wooden sole is valuable alder or poplar wood, which comes from sustainably managed forests within Europe. The leather provides the necessary wearing comfort and at the same time nestles perfectly to your foot. 

 The extremely clever combination of wood, leather and rubber ensures the shoe's durability and makes it a long-lasting companion. Softclox - shoes are very easy to care for, because it is a natural product, which does not require extensive care with expensive care products. With these shoes from Softclox, no woman ever has to compromise again. The total package offers you the highest quality, best comfort and innovative design. This makes the shoes a great companion that is comfortable and sexy at the same time and can also be worn on any occasion.