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One thing is certain: what was already true in the 16th century has gained enormously in explosiveness and impact in the 21st century. The effect of a person is essentially dependent on clothing. This is not only true for "fashionistas" and the ever-growing "fashion blogger scene", but simply for EVERYONE! Subconsciously, we categorize and define ourselves and other people by style and appearance. Among other things, expressive design, extraordinary, noble, rare and prominent labeling of exclusive brands serve the individual expression of each personality. Whoever masters the "game" can skillfully express himself through fashion and creatively develop his own style.



Peuterey considers the effort "to be oneself" as the highest and most valuable aspiration of man. Fashion is about bringing out the person - not focusing on the design. Clothing should not be a disguise - but should pick people up where real life takes place. For people who think, dream, create, question themselves, live relationships, take responsibility and experience many smaller and larger adventures. Here, practicality is the new luxury!