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Founded by the Lazzarini family in 1886, the Pantofola D'Oro label represents a passionate footwear company whose traditional craftsmanship has endured through the years and reinvented itself in the 1950s. The current company traces its origins to the son Emidio Lazzarini, who was an avid wrestler. But whenever he stepped into the ring, he suffered from the uncomfortable sports shoes. Working in his father's shoe factory, one day he decided to design a pair of very soft and comfortable shoes that would allow him to practice his sport without pain. The idea was born and thanks to the great success he had immediately, Emidio began to manufacture other sports shoes in soft calfskin.



Since then, much time has passed and the company now specializes in comfortable sneakers for leisure. In addition to the comfort of the models, the high-quality workmanship of the shoes plays a supporting role. Because Pantofola D'Oro translates as "slippers of gold". This also explains the logo with the three golden stars. For the production of the ever-popular sneakers Pantofola D'Oro uses only the highest quality materials. Soft, durable leather, for example. It is often used for the upper because it perfectly adapts to your individual foot shape. 

The inside of the shoe is also usually lined with leather to support the natural breathability of the foot. To ensure a secure grip even on slippery surfaces, the manufacture often uses robust rubber as the material for the sole. Special details such as decorative stitching or sophisticated embroidery and eye-catching metal applications give the shoe that certain something. These remarkable details make the shoes a beautiful highlight.