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Put on your casual adventurer's hat and join us on a fascinating journey! Our destination is the warm regions of Spain, where tradition and craftsmanship are still valued. This is where the legendary Panama Jack logo is embossed on a boot for the first time in 1989. By this time, Panama Jack creator Antonio Vincente was already an experienced shoemaker, having opened his first shoe factory "La Casita" (The Little House) in 1973 at the age of 23. And this experience is palpable when you unpack and try on a Panama Jack boot for the first time.

Robust quality made from high-quality materials will ensure that you will take your Panama Jack with you on many adventures. Panama Jack is known as a style-conscious outdoor brand. The handmade boots are suitable for excursions in almost any terrain you want to explore. Regardless of whether your hikes take you through warm, sandy regions, rocky, harsh mountain terrain or snow-white, dreamy winter landscapes. And to ensure that the world remains a place to explore, Panama Jack has positioned itself well in terms of both social responsibility and sustainability.

The leather comes from our own tannery and is certified as sustainable by the Leather Working Group®. Social commitment is also important, Panama Jack supports the foundations Fundación Un Abrazo de Luz (which works for the welfare of children) and Fundación Vicente Ferrer (which does reconstruction work in South India). On Brand also supports adventure trips that would make an Indiana Jones jealous: For example, the Ruta Quetzal project or the Fundación Atapuerca excavations. Doesn't that sound exciting?

Did you know - For a short time, Panama Jack shoes were known outside Spain under the name Havana Joe. In case you remember that and miss Havana Joe: Panama Jack is the same as the shoes and is quality from the same company!