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Trendy brand NoClaim is aimed at all those who want to emphasize your individuality and attach great importance to workmanship and quality of products. The brand NoClaim was founded in 2013 by the traditional company Mabi. The company is based in Montegranaro in Italy and around 30 employees contribute to the high quality standards at every step of the process. It is not without reason that shoes from Italy are known worldwide, because exclusive shoe fashion has been produced here for generations. 

 The production of NoClaim shoes also relies on Italian shoe craftsmanship to meet even the highest demands. The elaborate production steps are perfectly coordinated. For example, the material is dipped into a dye bath and then left to dry for 24 hours. This allows the color to bond optimally with the material. After that, the upper material can be sewn to the respective shoe sole. Here, too, the proven craftsmanship is used. A very special feature of some NoClaim models is the stonewash treatment. In this, the shoes are washed together with special stones to get the characteristic used look.