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The Nike brand is probably familiar to everyone and the famous logo with the so-called "Swoosh" is also unmistakable. Nike is one of the 100 most valuable companies in the world and is the leading manufacturer of sporting goods. But why is Nike so successful and so popular all over the world? It all began with the manufacture and sale of sports shoes. These were lighter and had more profiled soles than conventional sports shoes. The first collection was produced in 1972.

Although Nike's sports shoes stood out from the competition in terms of quality and function, the decisive factor for commercial success was equipping successful athletes with Nike gear. Over the years, athletes such as Steve Prefontaine, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong and many more from various sports have been signed by Nike. This has enabled the brand to make a name for itself with brand ambassadors from various professional sports. In addition to the success of sports shoes, sneakers for leisure time also became increasingly popular. But it's not just athletes and their fans who want to wear the incomparable shoes, because the popular trainers are also a fashionable hit in leisure time with their eye-catching and innovative designs.