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Marila is a shoe manufacturer that has been bringing the Mediterranean lifestyle to your home with ease and care for 25 years. The production facility of the Spanish brand is located in Elche near Alicante and lets the Spanish attitude to life flow into the shoes. Strong, bright colors on the shoe creations reflect summer, beach and vacation feeling. 

 The great thing about the shoe brand Marila is that the company not only produces fashionable, beautiful shoes, but also pays attention to the environment and the shoes are produced sustainably. The leather used is 100% naturally tanned and the use of purely ecological materials and the best raw materials results in high quality, which is evident in your wearing comfort. Also, the tanning of the leather is created entirely without lead and heavy metals. 

 The focus of Marila, besides the environmentally friendly production, is on flexibility, breathability and very special softness. With these characteristic features and perfect ergonomics, you will never want to take these shoes off again. Whether the outsole is only 2cm high, or you prefer platform soles, thanks to the workmanship and cushioning, you are guaranteed to have both feet firmly on the ground with Marila.