Elisabeth and Walter Giesswein founded their own company in 1954 - She was sewing at home and he was in charge of the sale. The famous knitted slippers were produced for the first time in 1974 and comfortable leather shoes for children followed in 1994. In 1999 the first soling of slippers was registered and patented and since then has impressed wearers with their non-slip quality, fraying and high wearing comfort. 

The technological standards of the “gumming process” are so high that the sole have a warranty. As the development did not stop G-Puro slippers were introduced in 2008 which convince with a striking, individual and trendsetting design. 
Giesswein constantly strives to develop itself and does so with growing success. The exemplary success story, the high quality as well as the indescribable comfort is what makes shoes by Giesswein so popular. The shoes are valued by all age groups, as they know how to convince with different and individual designs. 

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