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As a young company, the Spanish shoe brand Genuins has made it its business to produce modern and at the same time comfortable shoes. Taking care of the environment during production is another important concern of Genuins. This also means that the production takes place locally with materials that also come from Spain. 

The Genuins brand specialises in the manufacture of cork sandals. Thanks to the care with which the shoes are produced, the company has already earned a name for healthy organic shoes. They are very successful in not neglecting the fashion aspect of the shoes. Because the Spaniards are particularly well versed in dealing with hot weather, they know exactly how to contribute with their models to a pleasant wearing feeling in the shoe sector for summer shoes. The years of experience that the company has gained in recent years, as well as the high level of commitment, make it what it is today: a successful shoe manufacturer that takes care to produce as sustainably as possible and to develop beautiful and summery shoe fashion for its customers.