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The name of the world-famous ADIDAS brand is made up of the nickname "Adi" and the first three letters of founder Adolf Dassler's surname. Dassler began producing trainers in his father's company, which actually manufactured felt slippers. When his younger brother joined the company, the production of the first ADIDAS football shoes with studs and spikes began. Even then, the Dassler brothers were experimenting with new technologies to support athletes with optimised footwear. Often, professional athletes were plagued by inadequate sportswear and shoes and could not fully concentrate on the competitive experience.

The characteristic recognition feature of the company to this day is the three parallel stripes, which the founders patented. This made it easy to recognise ADIDAS shoes with their optimised features and distinguish them from conventional models. These stripes can not only be seen on the early football shoes, but also on ADIDAS sportswear, as well as in the logo. To this day, these three stripes stand for the highest quality, high-quality materials, excellent workmanship and innovative technologies. After the German national football team won the world championship title in the Miracle of Bern, the sporting goods manufacturer ADIDAS gained international fame because the team had been equipped by ADIDAS.

Just 20 years later, adidas was already providing the match ball for all subsequent FIFA World Cups. Over the years, ADIDAS also established itself in other sports, such as tennis and basketball, and quickly conquered the global market as a sports goods manufacturer. ADIDAS sneakers have become timeless classics that are not only worn by athletes, but have also found their way into the everyday fashion world. Whether you're young or young at heart, an athlete or a fashion addict, ADIDAS sneakers are suitable for everyone. The sporty style is convincing.