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They are not only comfortable, but also very feminine and trendy – In summer sandals are a girl's best friend, as they can be worn for every occasion. They are now available in many different varieties: with or without heels or as plateau-, t-strap or wedge heel sandals. Their popularity is not surprising at all: they optically stretch your legs and ensure grip and a comfortable wearing. Their typical lofty appearance turn them into the perfect shoe for this summer and add a final touch to every outfit. 

Comfortable and chic: sandals for fashion-conscious women

Sandals in gaudy colors like green, orange and dark blue are an absolute must-have this season. For those who prefer it simple, sandals in delicate pastel tones are real eye-catchers. Materials like calf-, goat- or even velours leather ensure an elegant appearance. A stable sole and a padded leather-footbed guarantee a very high wearing comfort. If you want to make an elegant appearance, you should choose sandals with high and slim heels. Comfortable wedge heels are ideal for those who want to wear their shoes for more than just one hour, as they provide a maximal grip.

The perfect sandal for every outfit 

Every fashion-conscious woman should keep more than just one pair of sandals in their shoe rack. The huge variety of different designs and various possible combinations make it almost impossible to decide on just one pair. The more sandals you have, the more likely you are able to combine the shoes to your newest outfit. So the best thing you can do is to enjoy the variety of sandals and to yield to the temptation of the current season. 

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