Man(s) wear "Casual Business" - The confident look for all situations in life

Sporty business look: the all-round style for all occasions

The term "casual business" describes a confident look for all situations in life. The sporty business look is an all-round style that can be worn both in the office and in your free time. Leather trainers are an essential part of this look. The combination with slim-fit chinos and a linen jacket lends the look a special elegance that is convincing both in the meeting room and for after-work drinks. Stars like Ryan Reynolds regularly opt for this style and demonstrate how casual and professional the mix of suit and trainers can look. Loafers and slip-ons offer an excellent alternative, especially when a more formal appearance is desired. These shoes are not only comfortable, but also highly versatile. With elegant braided structures, reptile embossing or ombre colour gradients, the wearer can decide for themselves how much signature character their shoe should embody. We recommend wearing a classic white shirt and a simple but high-quality wristwatch for the perfect look. Understatement is always in vogue.

Elegant everyday style: stylish through everyday life

Welcome to reality! Everyday life demands a look that is first and foremost functional - and yes, that's a good thing! Because a cool, casual look is still possible. The sporty "everyday style" is the perfect answer to this challenge. Go for classic loafers and slip-on shoes that offer you comfort without compromising on style. A loose-fitting shirt combined with chinos or jeans is the perfect choice. Designers such as Tom Ford and brands like Gucci prove time and again how incredibly elegant and yet suitable for everyday wear this look can be. It is important that the colours are harmoniously coordinated. Earth tones and classic colours such as blue and grey dominate the picture here and make for an absolutely stunning look! With the right accessories, such as a high-quality leather bag and high-end jewellery, you can top it all off and be the absolute trendsetter in the urban fashion jungle!

Sporty business look

Golf and tennis lifestyle: luxury meets understatement

Golf and tennis epitomise an urban luxury lifestyle that combines sporting activity and understatement. The real fascination lies in the fact that mental strength and strategic thinking are just as important here as physical fitness, ambition and endurance. Clearly, this profession is a perfect playground for winners and business people. Business matters are best discussed in a relaxed atmosphere over a round of golf in beautiful natural surroundings. That is tradition. For your appearance in the clubhouse, we recommend elegant trainers and the maritime classic: the boat shoe. These offer you the necessary freedom of movement. Combine them skilfully with breathable golf trousers or classic tennis shorts. The polo shirt is a must-have because it combines sporty dynamism with a touch of luxury. Celebrities such as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal show how to look stylish both on and off the court. A light cardigan or an elegant blazer for the cooler hours will round off your sophisticated look. Make sure you opt for high-quality materials, as these make all the difference.

Elegant everyday style

Style tip: For the ultimate confident look, waistcoats and jackets are laid loosely over the shoulders and the sleeves are knotted loosely at the front. This version is classic, casual and elegant.

By the way: This sporty-elegant look is not only en vogue in the clubhouse, but is also a real eye-catcher at dinner afterwards. Are you on holiday by the lake, going to a wine festival or invited to a business lunch in summer? Go for this look - it works perfectly!

Luxury meets understatement