Gritti Women's Shoes

Fifty years of experience in the Italian shoemaking tradition is what makes these handmade and unique shoes by Gritti stand out so much. Classy and high-quality creations are made up of sixty single pieces in the traditional saccetto making (here the lining is sewn like a small bag, the so-called sacchetto, to the upper leather) and they even weigh less than 150 grams nowadays. A modern design and carefully selected, finest leathers as well as a perfect fit guarantee a high wearing comfort and an extraordinary quality. Next to their own brand Gritti also has the popular fashion line Pas de Rouge. Unobtrusive are the feminine shapes and trendy designs of the shoes which convince women of all ages. Many different shoe models come in designs which go in line with the current trends, yet still maintain the unmistakable style of the traditional company. 

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