Velcro Fastener

High-quality children's shoes with Velcro fasteners are not only comfortable, but also support your child's independence: They can close and open their shoes without the help of their parents. This makes them a perfect companion for kindergarten or even school. In the meantime shoes with Velcro straps are available in different designs, forms and colors, as for example ballerinas, sneakers, half-boots or even sandals.

Stability and security thanks to excellent manufacturing: children's shoes with Velcro straps

Mostly the fasteners are made of very firm yarns which can not be torn into pieces. The fasteners of the shoe are also aligned to the corresponding shoe model. Particularly in the case of sneakers or half-boots it is important that Velcro straps maintain their strength and gripping after they have become dirty. This is guaranteed by the longer hooks, which also stick when dirt is caught in the opposite strap.

Robust materials like elegant leather or durable textiles withstand much higher stresses without any problems. The soles are also adjusted to the regarding shoe model: While the half-boots and outdoor shoes are rather profiled and have rough rubber soles, festive patent shoes and ballerinas are typically made of smooth leather soles. Also the lining is adjusted to the shoe and continues seamlessly to the foot bed. As shoes with Velcro straps not only offer high stability and flexibility, but also a high wearing comfort they are perfectly suitable as your favorite shoes for every day. 

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