Children's shoes - Lace-ups

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Whether you are looking for shoes made of linen, sporty sneakers or special running shoes: lace-ups are the most popular shoes for children nowadays. They are even recommended by schools, as they effectively enhance the child's motor skills. In contrast to rigid Velcro straps, which limit the freedom of movement, laces offer a higher flexibility. Of course the shoes come in different colors, shapes and designs, so that every child will find something to suit their taste.

Elegant lace-ups for children: durable, flexible and eye-catching

High-quality lace-ups for children, as they are introduced on this page, convince all along the line. They are very durable, made of abrasion-resistant materials and also look good. The excellent manufacturing can be seen in the holing for the laces. It is a fact that children like to tear on laces, which is why a high stability, which is provided by a special strengthening, is necessary. This applies to both sneakers as well linen lace-ups and first-step shoes. 

Especially the soles of children' s shoes are jeopardized the most, as children like to play, climb and romp about. Skid-proof materials, as for example rubber or latex, are therefore extremely important. Furthermore, the shoe models are mostly abrasion-proof on the tip of the shoes, which enhances the life of the lace-ups. The lace-ups presented on our website fulfill all these requirements and offer a perfect wearing comfort for the delicate feet of your child. 

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