Ankle Boots

Stability and security for every weather: ankle boots for children should be an essential in any shoe rack, as they are the perfect companion for adventurous days outdoors. Whether children wear them while playing on the playground or during a forest walk, ankle boots are ideal for every season. 

There are padded models for cold winter months as well as boots made of light materials for warmer days. The variety is enormous: Next to classical Unisex-boots, which can be worn by girls as well as boys, there are of course also sporty cool boys ankle boots as well as romantic girls ankle boots to choose from – there is something to be found for any taste and style. The way the shoe is closed differs from shoe to shoe: Ranging from Velcro straps over zips to laces – no wishes will stay unfulfilled. 

The right ankle boot for delicate children's feet

As delicate children's feet are still in the developing phase it is important to choose high-quality shoes. If you select the wrong shoe, problems like deformities and malpositions may occur. It is therefore absolutely essential that you choose an exclusive children's shoe which has a padded footbed and that is made of skin-friendly materials. 

The shoe has to fit perfectly so that the child will comfortable in these shoes for a long time. In this case they shouldn't be too tight, which means that the ankle boots should be about ten millimeters longer than the tiptoes. This way they will provide sufficient support and enough space for the foot.

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