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For more than 70 years the name Lüke has stood for personal consultation, individual service and high quality shoes. Our shoe shop on Schusterstraße 22 owes its success largely to its customers and employees. The shop and former shoemakers workshop was opened on the 1st of July 1938 by Josef Lüke (master shoemaker) and his wife Emmi Lüke. They produced handmade, made-to-measure double stitched ski- and riding boots. To guarantee a high quality of the handmade shoes, up to twenty shoemakers were employed in their own workshop. By the mid 50s also industrially manufactured shoe labels were included in the product line. As a result of the industrialization only 3 employees remained – two master shoemakers, who supported Joseph Lüke in his workshop as well as the seller Roswita Spittler (she has been working for the company for over 45 years and is still doing so today) who, together with Emmi Lüke and her son and manager Herinrich Lüke, took care of the customers. Until the reconstruction in 1980, there was just a small room with 8 chairs on the ground floor available for the sale of the products. The warehouse was situated in a back room, the workshop in an building extension in the courtyard. Todays mens department on the first floor used to be the familys flat and was simultaneously used as their common room and "staff canteen".

All this has changed considerably over the last 70 years. After Heinrich Lüke took over the family business on the 1st of March 1980, the company was reconstructed and expanded bit by bit. In the same year they discovered painted frescoes on the ceiling and walls dating from the 15th century on the ground floor of the building. In 1987 further wall frescoes of a society of knights in Breisgau in the 15th century were discovered in todays mens department. The company was renamed to Schuhe Lüke GmbH in 1994 with Angelika and Heinrich Lüke as managing directors. Since 2006 the company is in the hands of the third generation and continues on the road to success with new and innovating ideas. The originally small shoemakers shop with four employees has become an established shoe store with more than 40 employees, who work in five different shops and in the e-commerce sector. The former comfort shoe shop developed into a "shoe fashion retailer", which is famous far beyond its borders.

The ARA shop opposite of Schuhe Lüke GmbH on Schusterstraße, the Paul Green shop on Schiffstraße, LLOYD shop on Grünwälderstraße and the Geox shop on Kaiser-Joseph-Straße in Freiburg are also part of the enterprise. Our shoe models for women and men focus on modern and classical utmost quality in the medium to upmarket price sector. Located on the first floor is the mens department with international shoe fashion, welted shoes as well as the Timberland shop, which displays the current shoe and clothing collection. If you are looking for comfortable women’s shoes in modern design the Ara shop, opened in spring 2001, is the right place to be. Men can find shoes for every occasion in our Lloyd shop – the product line ranges from elegant business shoes to fashionable trendsetters, sportive casual shoes or super comfortable high tech models. In March 2005 the Geox Shop on Kaiser-Joseph-Straße was opened. On 100 square meters of sales area you can find the current collection of womens-, mens and childrens shoes as well as highlights of our current clothing collection. In autumn 2009 the Paul Green shop was opened and the LLOYD shop rebuilt into a LLOYD Concept Store. Since 2000 the company has engaged actively in the fields of e-commerce and continues to stand for high quality shoes.

For more information, see our shoes Lüke brochure.

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Lüke Schuhe - Company History

1938   Josef Lüke (master shoemaker) and his wife Emmi Lüke open a shoemakers workshop in Freiburg on Schusterstraße 33
1950   Up to 20 shoe makers work in the shoemakers workshop
1955   Further shoe brands are included in our product line
1964   Heinrich Lüke joins the company
1972   Closure of the shoemakers workshop as a result of the industrialization
1973   Angelika Lüke joins the company
1980   Heinrich Lüke takes over the enterprise
1980   Reconstruction of the ground floor of the head office on Schusterstraße 33
1987   Conversion and expansion of the first floor
1994   The name of the company is changed to Schuhe Lüke GmbH with Angelika and Heinrich Lüke as managing directors
1996   Tobias Lüke joins the company
1998   Christoph Lüke joins the company
2000   Lüke online shop für womens and mens shoes is the first shoe shop to go online in Germany
2001   Opening of the ARA shop in Freiburg
2001   Opening of the first LLOYD shop in Germany
2003   Launch of the first LLOYD online shop: www.lloyd-shop.de
2004   Construction and expansion in the court yard of the head office
2004   Opening of the Timberland Shop on Schusterstraße 33
2004   Launch of the second online shop www.timberland-shop.de
2005   Opening of the Geox shop in Freiburg
2005   Launch of the Geox online shop www.geox-shop.de
2006   Tobias & Christoph Lüke become management partners
2009   LLOYD shop is rebuilt into a LLOYD Concept Store and moves to Grünwälderstraße 14
2009   Opening of first exclusive Paul Green shop in Freiburg
2010   The first Paul Green shop is launched under www.paulgreen-shop.de
2010   The Peter Kaiser online shop is available at www.peterkaiser-shop.de
2011   10 year anniversary of the ARA shop in Freiburg
2011   10 year anniversary of the Clarks store in Freiburg
2012   Opening of Clarks store in Freiburg
2012   Opening of Timberland store in Freiburg
2013   75 Years of Schuhe Lüke in Schusterstraße